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First Year Induction

The mentor programme was set up in 2003 to help our students transition from primary school to secondary school. This programme is run by Mr Howard with help from the mentors, who complete a training programme in late August. It takes place during the first two days of secondary school, where students take part in various activities, including a treasure hunt around the school to help the students to become more familiar with their new surroundings.

They also take part in activities such as Zumba and ball games to help them to make friends and get to know their classmates.


These are some personal experiences of our fifth year mentors:

  • “Being a mentor is an important role as it helps first years to feel as comfortable as possible as they enter secondary school. Sometimes expressing worries to teachers may seem daunting. Being a mentor ensures that young students have someone to relate to as we have most likely experienced the same thing. When I began school at Mercy, my mentor certainly helped me feel at ease. I knew I had someone to look out for me during a difficult time.

  • “It’s important for me to be a mentor so the first years have someone to talk to. The first years may also find it difficult to settle in and I want to be there to help them.


Quotes from our students:

  • “At break they made sure you were never alone”

  • “I found them really helpful when I got lost in the hallways”

  • “The mentors were really helpful because they told us a bit on organizing and life in Mercy”

  • “One day I was lost and the mentors helped me and told me where the class was”

  • “I think the mentors are like superheroes! They explain things to us and sometimes they are funny! They are nice too and always there when we need them”

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