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The staff and management of St Joseph’s Secondary School Mercy Navan aim to protect the well-being of students by providing a safe and nurturing environment at all times. The Care Team, TACÚ, has been active in St Joseph’s Secondary School Mercy Navan since 2011.


Our TACÚ team organise the schools response to the needs of individual students who for a variety of reasons are considered to be at risk. We bring all of the available resources of the school together to address, in a strategic and co-ordinated manner, the complex needs of students who may be at risk.

Through its care, expertise, respect, support and openness, we as a team accompany each student and her family on the journey through life. Within the school, the care team can alert colleagues to changing family circumstances or the pressure on students from factors such as long term unemployment, family difficulties, or illness. For the purposes of the care team, concerning behaviours may include, but are not limited to: threats of self-harm, emotional or physical outbursts, extreme or sudden changes in mood or behaviour, traumatic experiences, excessive or uncharacteristic decline in homework and school attendance or difficulty with adjustment to school life.


The vision of the Care Team is to provide a safe and supportive teaching, serving, learning and living environment for all students.


Individuals of concern are reported to the care team, whose goal is to develop a holistic intervention strategy and action plan designed to specifically address their unique needs. The care team meet once a week. The care team can provide additional resources and individualized help to those who are experiencing difficulties. This support is beneficial to the students, their parents and the school community. All referral information is confidential.

If you would like to speak with a member of the care team, please do not hesitate to call the office for more information at 046-9021830.


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